What Is Holding You Back? What Are YOU Allowing To Hold You Back?

If our faithful father were to return tomorrow, would you be ready? Would you still be wondering if God really does exist? Despite his servants’ pleads to give our lives to Him, are you still waiting on the “right time?” If you are, I’d like to ask you a personal question, when is your rightContinue reading “What Is Holding You Back? What Are YOU Allowing To Hold You Back?”

Because He Got Up (Resurrection Poem)

Because He got up… chains are broken, hidden voices are found. Life has meaning, to slavery we are no longer bound. Because He got up… sweet whispers of prayers are heard and answered. Silent tears are loud, acknowledged and wiped. Scarred souls are being healed and given rest.Because He got up… the homeless are shelteredContinue reading “Because He Got Up (Resurrection Poem)”

My Grace Is Sufficient For You… Part 1

There are some things in your life you’ve been asking me to take away so you can be free and carry on with life unbothered. These are some of the things my servant Paul struggled with, but it never stopped him from serving me, living and accomplishing great things- through my spirit! You keep forgettingContinue reading “My Grace Is Sufficient For You… Part 1”

Slow down. Take a deep breath. Enjoy doing nothing… It’s Okay!

When was the last time you… Ate a meal without any distractions at all, focusing on the tastes, smells, sounds, and textures of your food? Took a shower enjoying the connection the water makes with your body? Went for a walk inhaling deeply the fresh air that surrounds and sustains us, admiring the beauty ofContinue reading “Slow down. Take a deep breath. Enjoy doing nothing… It’s Okay!”

How My Divorce Pushed Me So Much Closer To God!

2017 -2018 was a sweet- bittersweet year for me. I got married April 2017 and within months I got divorced. I lost a companion-a great man! A home-Peace of mind, I got rejected, if I can be transparent, mentally,I struggled with where I was and who I truly am. I had to fight through theContinue reading “How My Divorce Pushed Me So Much Closer To God!”

Do You Know How Blessed And Loved You Are?

How often do you really sit down and meditate on how far God has brought you from?  Take a trip down memory lane with me, will you?  We don’t always get it right and each time we mess up, God is always there and has already strategically planted people, places and little signs to getContinue reading “Do You Know How Blessed And Loved You Are?”

Walking Out This Beautiful Journey Of Life

I’ve been so hard on myself trying to, and making sure I acknowledge and live my perfect imperfect version of a long full life, that I didn’t realize I had started living it! It’s a life where I wake up daily feeling complete/ whole knowing who I am and being deep in love with myContinue reading “Walking Out This Beautiful Journey Of Life”