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Soldiers don’t get tied up in the affairs of civilian life, for then they cannot please the officer who enlisted them. 2Tim 2:4

Don’t get entangled in the messes/ life issues/ sins of others when God sent you there to help them get out of it! You were sent there fully equipped, spiritually with all they need, and to be a light, DO NOT become who God send you to bail out.

As witnesses, it’s our duty to bring forth change by BEING the change. Sometimes, this will be very uncomfortable for us. You will feel like you’re being walked over, you will be forced to remain humble when you want to reach over and snap a neck or pull the very hairs off your head! But grace, huh! 🙂. Remaining strong and humble takes great discipline but I admire the fact that it’s God’s spirit doing all the work and we are like VIP’s sitting upfront watching him transform our lives before our eyes.
Yes, the actions of who you are sent among might, and will be very challenging! You will be challenged to become the very person God sends you to reconcile, deliver, convict, heal, or free but resist the urge to become. We wrestle not against flesh and blood but against…evil spirits…. Eph 6:12. But, greater is in you! As soldiers and children of God, we are to remain gentle, firm and rooted in who we are in Christ- so that we can carry out each assignment.

So, if someone argues with you, stay humbled. If they treat you bad, treat them better. If they gossip about you, pray for them. If their attitude sickens you, it’s okay you weren’t sent there to judge anyway but to help them. Love on them, show compassion, be forgiving, walk away when you have to- clear your head, then step back in the ring.
Prayer is your most important weapon! Pray always for coverage, strength, direction, clarity, resistance, endurance, patience, and to be refreshed while you’re praying or standing for the other. Remember, the battle isn’t yours to fight. You are just the vessel God is using. Also, don’t get weary and abort your assignment, you will reap a harvest if you don’t give up- Gal 6:9. That soul is depending on your obedience. Not only will you help a soul, but that person’s family! I love that when God works it’s not just for one but for all!

If you get entangled, you will no longer be in a position to hear directly from God! Your emotions will now become involved; you will be moved by what you see, no longer operating in faith, you will respond in your flesh, and eventually, you will start serving their gods or worshiping their idols- by doing the same things they do/ are doing, the very thing you were sent to rid them of or help them with and you will no longer pleasing God. In the end, you will have failed to carry out your assignment, and that person will either stay the same or get worst.

Stand firm, stay focused and don’t get entangled. #ExperiencedSpeaking

Published by Stephanie

Hello, my name is Stephanie! It is my desire for souls to know Jesus personally; To be freed, uplifted, affirmed, and healed through our Savior. Know that you are loved so much! You have so much worth! You ’belong’ even if the world rejects and sees you as nothing! Despite what people around you, or even what your thoughts say about who you are, Jesus's truth is all that matters, and you are precious to him! Here is a bit of my story! I've been oppressed and ’held captive’ in my own mind for many years! I've struggled with depression for over 10 years. I had low self-esteem, not knowing my own worth. I chased after love, affirmation, attention, and a need to feel wanted- in relationships, to finding fulfillment in things. I didn't know how to love myself or how to receive love! I was sad most of the time to the point where I contemplated suicide twice. Deep inside, I felt a little girl full of joy, harmony, and peace who wanted freedom, and to live a fulfilled life; she was trapped inside. In late 2014 Jesus literally called out to me... and told me I would be okay. I committed my life to him in 2016. Since then, so much has happened! I've been finding shelter under his wings, and my mind is continually being renewed by his truth spoken to and about me. I have found and is still amazed by his perfect, unconditional love for me that follows me daily. I have found a secured relationship that attends to every area of my life. My journey started out rough, but it is BEAUTIFUL! It gets rocky and uncomfortable at times, but it is one filled with lessons, wonder, and crazy peace! It's apart of our walk. I am still healing (I view it as a life long process) some days I take a step forward only to take two backward but I now know to not depend on my strength even during healing as I am never alone. There are also many that I am unlearning and detoxing from my spirit that I grew up learning about. I have opened myself to allowing God to use me as I am, as an outlet to reach his precious ones. The purpose of my blog is to encourage a sincere and intentional relationship with Jesus! To help strengthen our faith and walk in him. To heal, uplift, and remind women of who God says we are. To walk in his identity- in hopes that you will know without a doubt that you matter much more than you can understand! I openly share my testimonies and personal experiences. I mean, it's a bit easier to speak and share from experiences. I firmly believe you will be blessed! Find yourself, find your path, and embark on this beautiful journey of life resting in God. Love, it's perfectly okay to be authentic- about where you are in every area of your life- in a world that forces us to mask our emotions and ’put the best forward, so people can ”see and think” we’ve got it all together.’ It's okay to NOT have it all together. Be true to yourself; this is an important step in being completely honest with our Lord.

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